Nihi Sumba, #1 Hotel in the World

Surf Occy's Left

World Wave Expeditions is proud to offer Nihi Sumba surf expeditions!  Nihi Sumba is a surf expedition every surfers needs to experience once in their lives. This is not an escape from everyday life. It is the return to a life well lived. Where rugged luxury meets unregulated freedom. A place to connect with something larger than oneself. A haven for the adventurer, for the wanderer. The endlessly passionate and curious. Arrive with an open heart and leave changed forever. This is vacation with a purpose. A destination with meaning. This is Nihi Sumba Island, 560 acres of Paradise, by Christopher Burch.

At Nihi Sumba Island, they build itineraries that transcend a traditional vacation experience. They foster creativity and passion in their guests, helping them unplug from their hyper connected lives and reconnect with earth and community. Each experience is singular, custom. Made to fit each guest differently. The day is yours, let them help you design your adventure.

But most importantly; it’s the wave at Nihi is what attracts surfers year after year! It is one of the best lefts in existence and with a limit of ten surfers at the resort at any one time it offers a unique interpretation of a modern day surf trip. Boasting authentic accommodation options, incredible dining, unparalleled views and service,  a surf trip here is a mandatory experience even if you have to splurge a bit.

Nihi Sumba is a surf expedition that every surfer needs to take at least once in their lives. It is a true 5 star experience and offers the rare opportunity to surf one of the best lefts in the world on an exclusive basis. It is also a trip you can take your family and was recently voted the worlds #1 hotel by Travel and Leisure Magazine for 2016 and 2017. There is nothing like it anywhere!

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