Las Flores Private Ownership

Living inside a full-service oceanfront/surf-front resort is the best of both worlds. Within a stone’s throw of your unit enjoy direct beach, surf and resort access, and have the advantage of our attentive and highly trained resort staff and personnel at your disposal. All owners at Las Flores Resort automatically receive an exclusive Surf Club Membership with their unit purchase.

Las Flores Resort has a limited number of already constructed, commanding, premium ocean to mountain view deluxe units for sale at this time. They also have several upcoming units from plan on private, majestic ocean view lots including 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom condominiums w/kitchenettes and luxury 3-bedroom villas to provide a mixed residential & vacation solution for families and groups.

Units are for sale on a whole or fractional ownership basis depending on the unit. All owners participate in our rental pool and receive owner’s share of the rental income of their unit.

All owners also receive a Las Flores Surf Club Membership with many unique benefits and privileges.

Membership benefits are as follows : 

• Member Discount on Activities including Surfing Boat Trips, Surf Coaching, Fishing, Spa, Yoga & Offsite Tours
• Member Discount on Food & Beverage
• Member Discount on Room & Package rates for friends traveling on same itinerary
• Members webpage with members’ photo and video archive from best, historic sessions
• Secure Surfboard Storage for member (1 board bag with up to 3 boards plus accessories)
• Complimentary use of Las Flores Surf Club Demo Surfboard Quivers (Security deposit applies)

Contact: Anthony Marcotti
E-mail: anthony@worldwaveexpeditions.com

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We are not here to get involved in the finer details of the transaction, our aim is to simply connect Person A with Person B and let you handle the rest.

What types of properties can I list?

We accept a multitude of different properties and businesses, feel free to contact us directly to see if what you have to offer is a good fit for our website listings. Or call us anytime at +1-714-369-8121.

What does it cost to submit a listing?

We accept a variety of different options to submit your listing:

The most common arrangement we have with properties/businesses listed on our site is to determine an appropriate “Finder’s Fee” from the seller for making a successful connection.

Some properties and businesses offer a commission based arrangement for successful referrals. These work well because those properties and business typically provide us with a special offer only available to people in our network that would be a more competitive rate than if they tried to make a connection directly.

And last but not least, we are here to make people happy. Even if you have nothing to offer and want to be included on the site, as long as it’s an appropriate listing, we are happy to post it for nothing at all over a specified time period.

How do I list my property with World Wave Expeditions?

The most important element in the equation is sending us proof of ownership and your ability to legally sell the listing you are promoting. Once that is established we will need the following items:

– Up to 12 high quality images of the property or business being listed
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The best way to make your listing stand out is to include great photos of your property and provide as many relevant details as possible.

– Photos
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– Make it Unique
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