Updated images available for Tenggara Point Lodge!

Somewhere in Indonesia


Tenggara Point Lodge opened on April 1st and it’s already been a break-out hit. We just got sent a batch of new images from the resort. you can scroll through the slideshow at the top of the page or feel free to visit Tenggara’s destination page for information on how to

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“Located somewhere in East Indonesia, Tenggara Point Lodge is a brand new destination that delivers a perfect empty right reef point out front and a feeling of pure surf discovery for those fortunate enough to seek it. The Lodge marries bespoke east-Indonesian design and craftsmanship with a desire to create an understated, yet super comfortable dwelling.  Four private bungalows accommodating up to 8 guests, a pool and a pavilion are set in a quiet, beautiful, and unspoiled Indonesian location.”

Feel free to call or e-mail us anytime with questions about Tenggara as well!

Anthony Marcotti


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