A vital checklist of items to help you pack for a warm water or cold water destination.

In the Water

Warm Water

– surfboard(s)
– boardshorts (2)
– fin keys (2)
– fin sets (4)
– leashes (4)
– leash teathers
– rash guard (long or short)
– reef booties (optional)
– snorkeling gear (optional)
– surf hat (optional)
– sunblock
– wax comb
– tropical surf wax

Cold Water

– surfboard(s) – the colder it gets the more volume you will need
– temperature appropriate wetsuit(s)
– booties (optional)
– boardshorts (for Jacuzzis or pools)
– fin keys (2)
– fin sets (4)
– gloves (if necessary)
– leashes (4)
– leash teathers
– sunblock
– wax comb
– cold water surf wax

Out of the Water

Recommended Items

– airline tickets (print or digital)
– cash (crisp, new bills)
– change of clothes in transit
– credit cards
– deodorant
– ding repair kit / sun cure
– driver’s license
– duct tape (small roll)
– first aid kit (basic)
– 64GB flash drive (for photos and video)
– jacket (cold climates)
– long sleeve t-shirt
– mosquito/insect repellant with dht (depending on destination)
– multi-board travel bag with day bag inside
– notebook and pen
– pants or jeans
– passport
– phone with charging cables
– shirts (evening variety)
– shoes (2)
– shorts
– socks
– sunglasses
– surf towel
– sweatshirts (cold climates)
– t-shirts
– toiletries
– travel backpack
– travel documents
– undergarments
– visa (if necessary)
– water bottle (refillable)

Optional Items

– camera
– clothespins
– comb or brush
– computer or tablet
– ear plugs
– electricity adaptor
– energy snacks
– eyeglasses
– gloves
– hat or beanie
– headphones
– medications
– moisturizer
– sandals
– super glue (optional)
– surf racks (as needed)
– swiss army knife
– watch
– waterproof jacket
– waterproof dry bag

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